About Cheesemakers Inc.


Cheesemakers is located in Montgomery County, Texas. It was founded by James C. Keliehor, P.E., who originally is from South Texas. James grew up on his family farm. He learned from his aunt and uncle about making dairy products such as butter, buttermilk and soft cheese curds. After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin as a Mechanical Engineer, he became invested in the food industry when he began working with his cousin, Dr. James C. Curry, owner of Custom Ingredients, Inc. of New Braunfels, who developed cheese formulations for shelf-stable products.

                In 1992, Keliehor started his own custom design manufacturing company for automating food processing, Custom Food Equipment, Inc. (CFE). From the inception of CFE, James was involved with major food manufacturing companies. In the summer of 1994, Keliehor was asked by Land O’ Lakes to partner with them on a project to deliver and form fresh cheddar cheese curd without damaging the delicate consistency of the curd. This concept had been tried unsuccessfully for years until Keliehor applied his Positive Displacement Delivery technology to solve the problem. After years of experimentation with Land O’Lakes and continual trips to Wisconsin from Texas, Keliehor developed and has a patent pending on his design for a Cheese Curd Delivery and Forming System.

                Because of the costly, time-consuming developmental expense and the need for automation in the cheese industry Keliehor decided he needed a pilot plant at his equipment manufacturing facility in Montgomery County. Hence, Cheesemaker was born in 1997.

Today, Cheesemakers manufacturing plant has co-packing capabilities, pilot plant product development, label development, unique sizes and packaging options, and nutritional database and testing. You will find Cheesemakers products, Jaimito Mexican Style Cheeses (named for Keliehors' son) and Lone Star Chevre (named for the location of the plant in Montgomery County, Texas birthplace of the Lone Star Flag and his daughter as she is his little miss Lone Star), in your favorite gourmet grocery stores, authentic restaurants and fine hotels.

Cheesemakers has the go-to items to help you create the richest and tastiest tacos, tostadas, gorditas, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, salads, and other tantalizing dishes.  Simply turn to the rich, fresh taste of Jaimito Mexican Style Cheese from Cheesemakers.  Our Jaimito line of authentic Mexican-style cheeses feature everything from Queso Blanco Panela (white non-melting cheese) and Queso Quesadilla (melting cheese), to Queso Asadero (roasting cheese), Queso Cotija (aged cheese), and other desirable flavors.  But there's more...  Cheesemakers also produces Jaimito Mexican Style Crema Mexicana and our own brand of 100 % pork chorizo.  Don't settle for the usual...dress up your next “Fiesta” with the outstanding flavor and freshness of Jaimito brand products.      

All natural, handmade Lone Star Chevre (fresh goat cheese) is another of the premium products produced by Cheesemakers.  Because it’s produced in small batches with no preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients, you get a mild and creamy fresh cheese.  You’ll find it to be an excellent substitute for cream cheese and the good news is it contains only half the fat, calories, cholesterol, sugar and salt of other cheeses. This means that Lone Star Chevre is more easily digestible!


Cheesemakers is the proud recipient of an award (by the Texas department of Agriculture) siting our company as one of the founding members of the GO TEXAN.  Cheesemaker's owner - James Keliehor, was recently presented the prestigious award in a ceremony conducted at the state capital in Austin, Texas by the state's then Secretary of Agriculture, Todd Staples. Cheesemakers manufacture all of our products in an FDA, and Texas Dept. of Health inspected facility!  As a 3rd party audited facility we are happy to produce custom, private label products to your specifications! It's further testament to the innovation, creativity, and dedication of the owner and staff of Cheesemakers!