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An Overview of Our Queso Blanco Panela

At Cheesemakers, we pride ourselves on offering authentic Mexican-style cheese for restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico. Our Queso Blanco Panela is the perfect addition to any restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine. This cheese is a popular ingredient in many traditional dishes and is beloved for its mild flavor and soft, crumbly texture. Our Queso Blanco Panela can be bought in bulk to highlight any of your restaurant’s dishes. Read on to learn more and have your food distribution representation order today! 


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What Is Queso Blanco Panela

Queso Blanco Panela is a fresh, unaged cheese that originates from Central Mexico. The cheese is made out of cow’s milk and is formed into a small, round mold to give its signature shape. The cheese does not melt easily and can be used as a crumbly topping or sliced up on the side.



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Fresh Flavor

This delectable cheese is mild in flavor but has a bit of tanginess to it. The fresh flavor of Queso Panela makes it incredibly versatile, and in your restaurant, it can pair well with a variety of different flavors and ingredients. At Cheesemakers, our authentic Mexican cheeses are made using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor and texture.



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Crumbly Texture

One thing that makes Queso Blanco Panela so unique is its texture. The cheese is soft and crumbly, with a slightly grainy texture that makes it the perfect garnish for salads or tacos. Panela is a curd-style cheese but is less crumbly in texture than Queso Fresco, making it more versatile for dishes.



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Because of the unique texture, Panela can be cubed in a salad, crumbled over tacos, or even grilled. It is commonly used in dishes like enchiladas, chiles rellenos, and tamales, where the soft texture and mild flavor complement the other ingredients.



At Cheesemakers, we take pride in being a cheese manufacturer of high-quality Queso Blanco Panela and other authentic Mexican cheeses that are packed with flavor and texture. As a bulk cheese supplier, we’re here to help add freshness and flavor to your menu. Have your food distribution representative contact us for a free cheese sampler to get started today!


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