Free Sampler With Jaimito Mexican Style Cheese & Lone Star Goat Cheese

Free Mexican Style Cheese Sampler to Chefs, Sous Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Restaurant Owners

Cheesemakers, Inc. is offering Chefs and Restaurant Owners a free Mexican Cheese Sampler along with our creamy Chevre [Goat Cheese]. Whether you have tried-and-true authentic Mexican recipes that feature traditional cheeses and expect artisan quality, hand-ladled flavors that exceed expectations or are looking for ways to expand your menu, we have delicious cheese solutions that will take your food creations to a new level of excellence. Our Jaimito™ Brand Mexican Cheeses and our Lone Star™ Brand Fresh Goat Cheeses are game-changers.

Our cheese sampler contains:

Jaimito Cojita 12 oz

Jaimito Fresco 12 oz

Jaimito Quesadilla/Asadero 12 oz

Jaimito Oaxaca 12 oz

Jaimito Blanco Panela 12 oz

Jaimito Chorizo 12 oz

Lone Star Chevre Plain 4 oz

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