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Get a Taste Of Our Jaimito Cheeses!

Want to stock authentic Mexican cheese in your restaurant? Look no further, Cheesemakers is here to be your cheese manufacturer! Let us help you offer your customers amazing quality with our Jaimito cheese line!



Jaimito Queso Fresco



Queso Fresco

People who love crumbly and salty add-ons to their restaurant dishes are going to enjoy queso fresco! This cheese is a semi-soft, curd-style cheese that is perfect when you’re trying to balance a spicy meal.



Jaimito Queso Blanco Panela



Queso Blanco Panela

We take cheesemaking seriously and we want your restaurant to serve amazing dishes with our queso blanco panela. Panela is mild in flavor, has a bit of tanginess, and can easily crumble. 



Jaimito Queso Asadero



Queso Asadero and Quesadilla

Make quesadillas at your restaurant with the best cheese! Queso asadero and quesadilla are semi-soft creamy, mild, and easily melted to create mouth-watering nachos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. 



Jaimito Oaxaca



Queso Oaxaca

Our Oaxaca-style cheese is perfect for any restaurant that is looking for stringy cheese! Similar to mozzarella cheese, it is semi-soft, salty in flavor, and best used for beans, soups, and tostadas!

Jaimito Anejo

Queso Anejo Enchilado

Queso Anejo Enchilado combines paprika and chili powder to give our cheese extra spice. The Anejo cheese is semi-soft, crumbly, and best used to spice up enchiladas, nachos, pizzas, and salad. 


Jaimito Cotija

Queso Cotija

Looking for a zesty, robust cheese that is similar to parmesan cheese? Try our Queso Cotija as a garnish for your dishes or mix it into many sauces that your customers will enjoy!



Jaimito Crema Mexicana

Crema Mexicana

Mexican-style sour cream is heavy and smooth. Our Crema Mexicana is a quality cheese product that is a great addition to flautas, enchiladas, soups, and meats!



Jaimito Chorizo


You have to live life to its full chorizo, and we can help you accomplish just that with our Mexican-style chorizo! Our Jaimito chorizo is perfect when making eggs, breakfast tacos, and with our Jaimito Quesos!



At Cheesemakers, we take great pride in offering a great selection of authentic Mexican cheeses to restaurants in the US and Mexico! We want to be your cheese manufacturer and help you elevate your dishes and leave your customers wanting more. Have your distributor order a free cheese sampler today!


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