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Oaxaca Cheese: An Ancient Mexican Cheese with a Rich History

At Cheesemakers, we pride ourselves on offering authentic Mexican-style cheese for restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico. Our Oaxaca cheese is one of the most popular cheeses we offer and it has a truly rich history!



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Oaxaca Cheese History 

Oaxaca is a Mexican cheese that was named after the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. The style of cheese is semi-soft with flavors that are compared to Monterey Jack, but has the texture of string cheese. Interestingly, it is made the same way that string cheese is processed and melts easily, making it a great ingredient for baking!



Oaxaca Curd



How Is Oaxaca Made?

The process of turning queso blanco into Oaxaca is different from other cheeses. Once the cheese has turned into a curd texture, we cut the cheese blocks into pieces and dip them into a pool of hot water. They are ready to be taken out when they float to the top. After they soak in water, the Oaxaca cheese is kneaded and stretched into long ropes. Eventually, they will resemble a ball of yarn. 



Jaimito Oaxaca Cheese



What Makes Oaxaca Cheese Different?

Many people may believe that Oaxaca cheese is the same as cotija cheese, but it is actually quite different. Cotija has a very distinct taste that is typically compared to parmesan cheese. It has a granular texture that won’tactually melt. Oaxaca cheese is great for melting and putting on top of beans, soups, and tostadas. With the mild taste, every restaurant knows why it’s a classic Mexican cheese that will never get old. 



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Purchase Oaxaca Cheese

With how popular this cheese is in Mexican cuisine, Cheesemakers offers bulk shipment to restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico. If you still aren’t sure about our high-quality Oaxaca cheese, we can provide customers with a distributor with a cheese sampler. Cheesemakers is confident you’ll want to serve our cheeses in your restaurant!



At Cheesemakers, we provide restaurants with our Mexican cheese manufacturing services. Let authentic Mexican cheese wow your customers with every bite! Contact us today to get started!

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