Traditional Mexican Cheese

Taste the Tradition: Exploring the Rich Flavors of Mexican Cheese

Mexican cheese not only offers rich and bold flavors but also carries with it a rich history of cheese-making that spans back centuries. Cheesemakers is a bulk cheese supplier that produces authentic Mexican cheese for restaurants. If you’re a restaurant owner or a food distribution representative, you can explore the rich flavors of our Mexican cheeses with our free sample kit and experience how our high-quality cheese products can transform your menu.


traditional mexican cheese

The Cheesemaker’s Family

Making traditional Mexican cheese is often a family affair, which is no different at Cheesemakers. We have generations working together, and our recipes have been passed down from our founder’s aunt and uncle to uphold the tradition of cheesemaking. We manufacture multiple varieties of cheese in bulk, including staples in traditional Mexican cuisine like queso fresco, queso Oaxaca, and queso cojita.

traditional mexican cheese

Queso Fresco

One of the most iconic traditional Mexican cheeses is queso fresco, which is still produced using the same methods that were used centuries ago. This creamy, slightly salty cheese is made from cow’s milk and is especially popular for its bright, moist texture.

traditional mexican cheese

Queso Oaxaca

Another traditional Mexican cheese that is still made by hand is Oaxaca cheese. This cheese is made by stretching and kneading the cheese curd into long strips, which gives the cheese its characteristic stringy texture. With a texture similar to mozzarella and a mellow, salty flavor, it’s no surprise Oaxaca cheese is so beloved.

traditional mexican cheese

Queso Cojita

The process of making cotija cheese, another traditional Mexican cheese, is a bit more complicated. Cotija cheese is made by aging queso fresco until it is hard and crumbly, which can take anywhere from several days to several months. Cotija is much saltier than other Mexican cheeses and does not melt, making it the perfect topping for tacos, enchiladas, and salads.

Authentic Mexican Cheese

To us at Cheesemakers, authentic Mexican cheese is more than just a tasty ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It carries with it a rich tradition of cheese-making that has been passed down through generations. Contact us today to learn more about how our bulk cheese can supply your restaurant, or have your food distributor order our free sample kit to get started today!


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