“We recommend Lone Star Chevre to anyone with a discerning palate.”

- Todd Alley, VP of Purchasing
for Truluck’s

“We look forward to having Lone Star Chevre goat cheese as one of our selections for a very long time.”

- Reginald Pearson, Dairy Purchasing
for Spec’s

“I have been working with Jaimito’s Queso Fresco and Cheesemakers for over 10 years. Cheesemakers’ Jaimito Fresco is the best in the business.”

- Joel Fried, Owner/Chef
of Eldorado Cafe

“We highly recommend our famous goat cheese pizza made with wonderful smooth and creamy Lone Star Chevre goat cheese.”

- Lorena Romo, General Manager
for the Republic of The Rio Grande

“Here at Rancho Grande, we have the Jaimito Plate. We really recommend trying Jaimito cheese… since 1998”

- Jose Carrillo, Owner
of Rancho Grande

“Lone Star Goat Cheese adds the perfect addition to our Sunrise Tots and Summer Salad.”

- Jenny Winkelmann, Marketing Director
for Rx Pizza and Bar

“With Jaimito Asadero cheese, El Pueblo Viejo is something bueno every day”

- Juan Lozano, Manager
of Pueblo Viejo

“We love Jaimito Chorizo! We get so many compliments from our customers and that’s what matters to us!”

- Michael DeLaCruz, Manager
of Fuego Tortilla Grill

“The Jaimito Cotija is the crowning jewel on each and every Tableside Guacamole at Chevys Fresh Mex.”

- Mike McKinnon, VP Purchasing
at Chevys Fresh Mex

“Changing the cheese from regular mozzarella to Jaimito Oaxaca has enhanced the flavor for our Quesadillas greatly.”

- Lucia Cruz, Office Manager
for El Pollo Rico

“Jaimito Queso" Fresco is the perfect complement to all of Señor Donkey’s Mexican dishes

- Executive Chef/Owner, Cameron Salazar